Hello! I’m Charlotte, a British expat currently living in South Korea. When I’m not travelling or working, you can find me at my computer at home, researching accomodation, attractions, and must-try food places for my next trip. On visiting a country, my main goal is to experience as much of the national culture as possible. I want to get a feel for the place I am visiting. I enjoy visiting heritage sites and exploring the quieter, off-the-beaten-track areas in the hopes of discovering hidden food or cultural spots! If I’m not following my culture bug, I’m being led by my foodie bug, searching for those authentic local eateries, themed cafes/restaurants, and regional delicacies.

I’m leaving invisible footprints wherever I go – this is a phrase I live by while travelling. As a tourist, I feel it is important to be considerate and respectful to each place I am visiting, leaving nothing behind and everything undisturbed.

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